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TREK To Transformation: Service as a Lifestyle

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


TREK to Leadership Gathering: Service as a Lifestyle

Sunday, July 21
11:30am - 1:00pm

Identity: Service as Lifestyle
Practice: Cultivating New Life
Community: Sharing and Listening

TREK stands for Trust, Resilience, Engagement, and Knowledge. The first three words (Trust, Resilience, and Engagement) can be seen as skills we develop, traits we harness, or tools we apply to a range of circumstances, situations, or conditions.

These involve:

Trusting ourselves and our sacred stories and all of the gifts contained within them; trusting others and our community to lift us up, inspire us, and encourage us when we need it the most; and trusting God’s presence, which is simultaneously within us and all around us.

Strengthening our resilience to adeptly address challenges and changes and move from orientation to disorientation to reorientation, always guided by God’s grace.

Engaging our body, mind, and soul through spiritual practices, inquiry, movement, and storytelling so we are living fully and vibrantly as unique emanations of God.

Celebrating knowledge and discernment in our personal lives and relationships.

TREK To Transformation: Service as a Lifestyle

We apologize that due to Internet loss we are unable to live stream at this time.