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Uganda Mission Trip 2019


Uganda Mission Trip
(August 21 - September 3 2019)

Primary Activity: 
Participate in PPEL Camp (Pray, Play, Enjoy, and Learn) for students

The PPEL camp is a 5 day camp that is sponsored by the Vine of Ages Children's Outreach (VOACO) organization, a non-governmental organization founded by Nabwire Esther, who partners with Crossroads to manage our students. The goal of the camp is to share life and practical skills to the children, so that they can be of use to the families and communities. The majority of the students supported by Crossroads will be in attendance as well as many more who are active in the two VOACO Centers. 

Secondary Activities:

Home visits of students
Visits to vocational schools
Reunion of HUMBLE Old Students (an alumni group)
Visit Vine of Ages Children’s Outreach Centers

More information about Crossroads Uganda Mission

Contact: Jen Score

Interest in Uganda Mission Trip 2019

We apologize that due to Internet loss we are unable to live stream at this time.