Dave norman


Email: dnorman@crossroadsnova.org

Phone: (703) 729-5100 Ext 128

As the founding pastor of Crossroads I am very excited about our future.  For 25 years we have been about one thing - sharing the compassion of Jesus with all, one person, family and community at a time.  


Over these years I have been privileged to see the unconditional love of God and the unlimited welcome of Jesus lived out in thousands of people's lives both in the Crossroads family and beyond.  One of the most meaningful ways this happens is around open tables of God's unconditional love both at  the communion table in worship and in communion with friends and family around tables wherever we gather to break bread together.


I take very seriously Jesus' words when he said that it is in the faces of the poor and the marginialized that we see most fully who and what Jesus was about.


Recently I took on a new and most disquinshed title - "Grandpa Dave".  More than the title, however, it is the love for our granddaughter, Isla Grace that brings a new found joy in my life. She has reminded me of why Jesus said that in the children we see the Kingdom of God come most alive.


For 36 years I have been blessed to be married to Cathy who has been and still is the  love of my life.   Our children, David, Amy and son-in-law Nick never cease to amaze me with their lives.  I also love to play darts, ping-pong, ride my bike for exercise, take vigorous walks and hike in the woods.


If I am not in the office or at home you might look for me at the closest coffee shop for I love being in community in such settings, not to mention my love for a good freshly made Americano. 


My goal is to keep sharing the unconditional love of God and the unlimited welcome of Jesus with whomever I am with. Sometimes that requires words, but most often it just requires me to have open ears, an open mind and an open heart.