Barbra stanley



Phone: (703) 729-5100 Ext 111

God sent me to Crossroads in 2010.  I have been someone that considered myself spiritual but didn’t really feel like church was for me, as I am pretty cynical and judgmental and every new negative news story about religion proved me right (I also like to be right). It started slowly, seeing the kindness, honesty, humanness and love in the people I worked with every day.  As I started meeting more of the people in our congregation, one day, I really got it, “it’s an honor to work for a church.”  I wish I could share with the entire world what I found here. I take care of your Finances.  If you ever have a question about any thing to do with your giving or payment for a mission or anything else, I would be honored to help you! I am working on the cynical…judgmental…and having to be right thing - every day.