November 1, 2020

Please join together and pray for these names from Sunday:  Joshua David Michel, Mary Wilson, Shirley Selby, Richard Lee Wilson, Carol and George Kaline, Mike and Norma Yantis, Howard and Edna Stickler, Fran Sheffield, Scott Allen, Francie Perry, Linda Wilson, Wayne and Mary Lou Hockersmith, Richard, Jeanne, and Stan Kestler, Joseph Kasprzyk, Geri VanDyke, Eleanor Dale, Charlotte Aguerl, Matt Simar, Mrs. Pat Staples, Carl Kelly, Sherry Painter, Betty Stoakly, Connie Colbert, John Colbert, Bod Wilson, Judy Albrecht, Paula Fanceschini, Wilbur Micham, Malius and Marjorie Davidson, John G. and June Macier, Uncle George, Fritz Thomas, Clarence and Liliian Michel, Don and Marge Liddell, Vernon and Ed Huppi, Alvin and Winifred Walls, Chet and Muriel Gragg, Jim, Mary, Ann, and Doc Ewen, GiGi, Dedee Yantis, Poppi-Grandfather Schiavone, Sandy Nugent, Grandmother Gigi, Tom Irwin, Dominick Carducci, Enrichette Carducci, Rodger Carducci, Henry French, Maxine French, Stephen A. French, Douglas French, Bill French, William H. Osburn, Molly Osburn Gentry, Martin Gaylyn Osburn, Roy Osburn, Tod Meloy, Luz Meloy, Ed Warf, Larry Oliff, Viriginia Johnson, Bernice Thomas, Mary Wharam, Ray and Nita Wilson, Raymond Dennis Wilson, Harley and Sybil Sapp, Ron VanDuse

Submitted By: Prayer Wall from Sunday