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Case Studies: David & Saul

Case Studies: David & Saul

"When you give forgiveness to someone 'who doesn't deserve it', it is the most God-like character you will ever exhibit." - John C. Maxwell

  1. When have I struggled with offering forgiveness? What impact has that had on my spirit and the quality of my life?
  2. Have I ever truly forgiven someone "who didn't deserve it"? If so, what was that experience like for me?
  3. How do I typically deal with conflict? How do I desire to grow in this area?
  4. What do I sense God may be leading me to as a next step for me to take in my most challenging relationships?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - 1 Samuel 24:1-11
Monday - Matthew 5:43-47
Tuesday - Exodus 23:2-5
Wednesday - Romans 12:14-21
Thursday - Luke 6:27-31
Friday - Luke 6:32-34
Saturday - Luke 6:35-36



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