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Rediscovering Jesus: Hope, Not Fear

Rediscovering Jesus: Hope, Not Fear

"Where there's faith in the future, there's hope in the present." ~ John Maxwell


Reflection Questions:

  1. Were my initial invitations to explore Jesus and Christianity marked more by hope or fear? How has that shaped my view and experience of Jesus?
  2. In what practical ways do I draw hope from my relationship with Jesus? How does that hope inform and impact my daily life?
  3. How have times of struggle and suffering brought about positive transformation in my life?
  4. How am I intentionally seeking to be a conduit of hope to others?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Romans 5:1-5
Monday - 1 John 4:16-19
Tuesday - Romans 15:13
Wednesday - Psalm 25:1-5
Thursday - Hebrews 6:18-19
Friday - Romans 8:1-2
Saturday - Romans 8:38-39

All activities are cancelled through

March 22 to take the necessary precautions against COVID19. 

Your well-being is our main concern.

Thank you.