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Case Studies: David & God

Case Studies: David & God

It isn't our righteousness, or our goodness, that makes us people after God's own heart, for instead it is our willingness to embrace our weaknesses, confess our failures and be accountable to how we treat one another that makes us people after God's own heart.

Three Faces of God Prayer
Infinite God in whom I move and have my being
Intimate God you are always with me
Inner God I am the light of the world

  1. What, if anything, blocks me from seeing myself as a person after God's own heart?
  2. Where are my safe places to talk about my successes, failures, fears and confessions without judgment?
  3. How might my human relationships impact my relationship with God? And how might my relationship with God impact my human relationships?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Psalm 42:1
Monday - Psalm 46:1-3
Tuesday - Psalm 46:10
Wednesday - Psalm 86:11
Thursday - Psalm 89:1
Friday - Psalm 121:1-4
Saturday - Psalm 86:5


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