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Being Real

Being Real

"We may wear now one mask and now another, and never, if we so desire, appear with our own true face. But we cannot make these choices with impunity. Causes have effects..." ~ Thomas Merton (20th Century Trappist Monk & Author)

  1. What did I hear or experience today that was most impactful? What, if anything, am I feeling compelled to do as a result?
  2. What were my parents' expectations of me growning up? How have those expectations helped shape who I am today?
  3. How much of my life currently involves pretending? How do I feel about that?
  4. What do I believe is my next step in becoming more wholly who God created me to be?

Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday: 1 Samuel 17:32-40,
Monday: Psalm 8:3-9,

Tuesday: Psalm 139:1-6,

Wednesday: Psalm 139:7-12,

Thursday: Psalm 139:13-16,

Friday: Psalm 139:17-18,

Saturday Psalm 139:23-24

All activities are cancelled through

March 22 to take the necessary precautions against COVID19. 

Your well-being is our main concern.

Thank you.