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Everyday Easter Encounters

Everyday Easter Encounters

The good news of this Easter encounter is that fear doesn't have to be the last word. Being immobilized by fear doesn't have to be our future. For Easter tells us that by dying to the negative voices of fear there is a positive word, a positive future waiting to be spoken, waiting to resurrect new life within us.

Today's Scripture: John 20:19-22

  1. What do you fear most right now?
  2. How is that fear immobilizing you?
  3. Try replacing your negative fear with positive words like: Peace is within me. Breathe in: Peace. Breathe out: Is within me.


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - II Timothy 1:7
Monday - Hebrews 13:6
Tuesday - Mark 5:34
Wednesday - John 14:27
Thursday - John 16:33
Friday - John 20:19
Saturday - Philippians 4:6-8

Speaker: Dave Norman

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March 22 to take the necessary precautions against COVID19. 

Your well-being is our main concern.

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