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Everyday Easter Encounters

Everyday Easter Encounters

Easter is never over. Even though we hung up our Easter attire on Sunday afternoon to get into more comfortable clothes, and then went back to work and school on Monday, that does not mean that Easter is now done with. Perhaps a better way to say it, it does not mean that Easter is done with us.

Today's Scripture: John 20:9-16

  1. Can you remember the lst time you had an Easter encounter? Describe.
  2. Who most closely embodies the resurrected Christ for you?
  3. How might you be the embodiment of the resurrected Christ to someone?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Isaiah 43:2
Monday - Matthew 5:4
Tuesday - II Corinthians 1:3-4
Wednesday - Matthew 11:28
Thursday - Romans 15:13
Friday - Acts 4:33
Saturday - John 16:33

Speaker: Dave Norman


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