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Let It Go...To Let It Grow

Let It Go...To Let It Grow

Jesus said that he desires and knows the way for each of us to live a life so good that he called it an "Abundant life". For Jesus the pathway to "Abundant life" is not by adding more things but by subtracting some things. In a sense he introduced a different form of math. We might call it: addition by subtraction.

Today's Scripture: Genesis 2:4-7

Daily Scripture Reading

  1. Sunday: Genesis 2:7, Reflection: Here we see that God is as close to us as the ground beneath our feet and in each breath we breathe. Try to take a moment today to celebrate your connection to both God and the earth through your breath and wherever you might be standing.
  2. Monday: Job 32:8, Reflection: The writer of Job says that the spirit/breath of God in us gives understanding. Scientists say that deep breathing helps to cleanse our minds of negative thought patterns. Both scripture and science agree on the importance of what we call breath prayers. Take three minutes to do a breath prayer. Using the Hebrew term for God YHWH (see box below), breathe in YH and exhale WH. This is a great way to remember that God is in every breath.
  3. Tuesday: Job 33:4, Reflection: In the beginning, God's breath gave us life and now God's breath enlivens us everyday. At different times during the day, pay attention to your breathing. We breathe 26,000 breaths every day; that makes for lots of opportunities to be reminded of your God connection.
  4. Wednesday: John 3:8, Reflection: God's Spirit is blowing around us all the time. Jesus said, in the same way, God's Spirit is moving every which way in us as well. How can you notice the Spirit today, both inside and all around you.
  5. Thursday: Psalm 33:6, Reflection: If you can, go outside tonight and stare up at the stars. Each star is a reminder that we come from the dust of stars and every star, millions of them, shows how vast and awesome is the presence of God. God's presence covers us like the stars cover the night.
  6. Friday: Psalm 104:24, Reflection: Today, try to pay attention to the different forms of creation. If you can stand or sit in a green space for a few minutes, look around and count the different life forms, don't forget to include yourself. Conclude by slowly looking around the space one final time and very gently saying, "Thank you, God! You are beautiful!"
  7. Saturday: Psalm 19:1, Reflection: Today intentionally look up into the sky and see how it proclaims the glory of God's creation. Notice the colors of the sky. Watch the movement of the clouds. Do you see any birds? While looking up into the heavens raise your arms and say "Thank you God for the beauty of the earth and the privilege to be alive to enjoy it!"


Speaker: Dave Norman


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