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I have a special purpose. I am invited to love, learn, and serve others with Jesus—everywhere and all the time.




Children's Ministries at Crossroads teaches children to grow in faith and values learning the biblical stories and service, while celebrating God's unconditional love and presence in every child's life story. 

Children's Ministries helps children discover and grow in God’s unconditional love for ourselves and others centered in the friendship of Jesus. We offer Sunday morning with Crossroads Kids, Vacation Serve Camp, important milestone markers like Baptism, 3rd Grade Bibles and Crossover Retreat and additional relevant resources to guide children and their families along their spiritual journey, following Jesus.

Meet Jill Wiggins, Crossroads Children's Ministry Coordinator. Follow this link to learn more about Jill.

Sundays at Crossroads kids

Children's Ministries Sundays at 10am  

Passages: Baptism, 3rd grade bibles, Crossover

Celebrating life passages with the church community

Family Ministry

Supporting and Nurturing the Entire Family


Love and Popsicle Sticks


Before my family came to Crossroads the year I started middle school, I had spent my childhood in small, more traditional churches. The Sunday School classes I attended often only had two or three kids, and sometimes it was just me. What I remember most about Sunday School isn't the Bible stories we heard, the prayers we spoke, the games we played, or the snacks we ate. No, what I remember most is...

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