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Daily Reflection on Scripture - Saturday

Daily Reflection on Scripture - Saturday

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Exodus 34:10  The Lord said: I now make a covenant. In front of all your people, I’ll perform dramatic displays of power that have never been done before anywhere on earth or in any nation. All the people who are around you will see what the Lord does, because I will do an awesome thing with you.


Morning Prayer: God, You are able to do far more than I can ever dream or imagine. You work through us in the world to bring justice, to work for peace, and to care for all of Your creation. I am grateful for the gift of Your power working in me and through me. Help me today to be mindful that I do not have to rely only on my own strength. I am always carried by Your strength and power. Work through me today to accomplish the awesome things that You would have accomplished in this world. Your strength holds me. Your power fuels me. Your love carries me. May it be so.


Reflection Question: How does God want to work through you to bring God’s kingdom to this world?


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