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Daily Reflection on Scripture - Sunday

Daily Reflection on Scripture - Sunday

Sunday, January 16, 2022


Matthew 20:16 Jesus then said, “So it is. Everyone who is now first will be last, and everyone who is last will be first.”


Morning Prayer: God, these words of Jesus don’t fit comfortably with our modern measures of success or accomplishment. They erase any justifications for entitlement or grumbling. You call us to lives of humility and contentment, seeking out ways we can pursue justice on behalf of those most in need. And I know from my own life that it is hard to see those needs when I am focused primarily on myself. Lead me, Lord, to a more natural ease with Your vision for the ways Your kingdom is lived out. Help me to stop complaining and instead see You and Your people around me with greater clarity and love. May it be so. 


Morning Focus: Where are you secretly longing to be “first” today? What would it be like to lay that desire down before God?


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