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Daily Reflection on Scripture - Tuesday

Daily Reflection on Scripture - Tuesday

Tuesday, June 21, 2022   

2 Corinthians 5:16-18 So then, from this point on we won’t recognize people by human standards. Even though we used to know Christ by human standards, that isn’t how we know him now. So then, if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived! All of these new things are from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and who gave us the ministry of reconciliation.


Morning Prayer: God, in Your infinite wisdom, filled with love and grace, You created a wonderfully diverse world. As I go about my day I encounter so many others – all part of Your creation. Help me to see the unique beauty and worth of each one. Help me to recognize everyone as a sibling, one of Your children, just as I am. Let me not judge others based on their appearance or their beliefs, but see beyond, to what binds us together in Your ‘Kindom’. May it be so.


Morning Focus: Look beyond the obvious differences of others; focus on how we are all interconnected through the love of God.




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