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Five Star Family Blessing

Five Star Family Blessing

The Path to Offering a Five-Star Family Blessing

Communicating God’s unconditional love for self and others is at the very heart of the Christian faith. The gift of God’s unconditional love is the greatest blessing we can give and receive. In our families this blessing impacts how children see themselves and others throughout their lives.

The challenges, joys and mundane tasks of daily life makes family the best place to experience the gifts of Jesus’ compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom that gives the family an unwavering hope to face whatever life may bring.

Here are five blessings that when offered can help everyone in the family experience the five-star blessing of God’s unconditional love that leads to an unwavering hope of love and peace for self, the family and the world.

  • Give meaningful touch and quiet presence:  Meaningful touch and quiet presence are central ways to share and receive love in family life. They communicate God’s unconditional love to those we love with skin on.
  • Speak words of love and practice forgiveness:  Words of love increase positive feelings toward self, others and how we experience God. Practicing forgiveness leads to inner peace, hope and empathy for others.
  • Affirm sacred value and worth:  Words of affirmation instill sacred value in one another. Affirmation allows God's love to blossom into a healthy self-awareness and self-confidence.

  • Declare a special future:  Identifying and naming a child’s gifts builds resilience and confidence that can lead to greater clarity and an inner peace and hope for God’s future.

  • Make room for quiet and inner guidance:  Regular moments of intentional quiet make room for God’s wisdom to be revealed from the inside out. By listening to God’s voice within us we find guidance for daily life.


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