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Greater Things Can Happen

Greater Things Can Happen


Last spring, we celebrated a message series called "Greater Things." We learned a radical core teaching of Jesus that says without regard to age, gender, class, education, or status, you and I can do "greater things" than Jesus himself! That’s a mind blowing, yet miraculous concept. The Apostle Paul in his New Testament writings described this vision by calling us "the Body of Christ." We truly are the hands, feet, eyes, ears, and hearts of Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces every day.

Service was at the center of all that Jesus showed and taught. He said that he was born to serve. When he stooped to wash the disciples' feet, he told them to go and do the same. Jesus taught that it’s always a greater blessing to give than to receive. When we serve, we are released from the burden of competition and perfection. We are invited to receive the blessings of fresh perspectives and spiritual growth. We are called to rise up and change the world.

Because we are followers of the ways of Jesus, your Crossroads family is offering you an opportunity to live out the invitation to do greater things by serving in the Crossroads Body of Christ that gathers here on Sundays.

Saying that service leads to blessings is not just a clever way to get you to volunteer. Medicine, science, and faith traditions all agree that service is good for the body, mind, and soul. It helps to heal much of what ails us. Jesus didn't invite people to serve so he could have help getting his work done. He invited people to serve because he knew it was a healing gift of grace-filled joy.

Below you can find some specific ways to serve once a month or quarter on Sundays. As a member of the Body of Christ, you are needed for “greater things.” Please prayerfully consider one of these opportunities.

Hospitality hosts and hostesses serve once a month from approximately 8:30-12, with time in between to be in worship. Responsibilities include making coffee, setting up tables with coffee, tea, bagels, etc., replenishing as needed, and cleaning up at the end of fellowship time. Please contact Kim Gresko at kgresko@crossroadsnova.org if you would like more information or to sign up.

Channel your inner DJ? The role of the Sound Tech is one of the most important to ensuring a powerful and meaningful experience to all who attend. It requires a mixture of artistry and technical skill. Our Techs mix sound for all aspects of worship. New Techs learn by shadowing experienced Techs, plus receiving additional comprehensive training. Sound Techs serve one Sunday each month from the 7am tech call through worship. Sound techs are requested to be present during Thursday night rehearsals (7pm – 9pm) to provide full sound support during rehearsals in preparation for Sunday mornings.

Each week a growing number of people tune in to our Sunday morning Live Stream or watch at their convenience throughout the week. Live Streaming Camera/Computer Techs are a vital to our future. Crossroads streams Wirecast software for video and media presentation. Camera operators serve once a month on Sundays between 9:45am until the conclusion of worship.

Audio mixing for live streaming is done by IPAD using the same mixing program as our main Allen & Heath board. Ideally techs serve once a month on Sunday mornings. Live stream techs are not required to be at rehearsals.

Tech Savvy? Visuals are one of the primary ways we enhance the Sunday morning experience. The Media Tech Team is responsible for ensuring that we move smoothly through the service with key slides to emphasize points, inspire us with videos or provide just the right pacing for song lyrics.

Media Techs operate the designated Worship computer with Media Shout software to display images, song lyrics, scriptures, and videos during worship. Media techs serve one Sunday each
month from the 7:15 am tech call to the end of Worship. Techs are asked to be present during Thursday night rehearsals if possible.

If you are curious, willing to learn new skills, and make a significant contribution to the life of our community through serving on the Audio/Visual Team, please contact Susan Yantis at syantis@crossroadsnova.org


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