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Our Story - A Heroic Journey

Our Story - A Heroic Journey

Our Story - A Heroic Journey

Our life journey is filled with twists and turns and ups and downs. It is a journey of heroes and heroines. Jesus' heroic journey carried him through birth, adolescence, adulthood, death and resurrection. His is a pattern for all of our lives as Jesus invites us into this journey of heroes and heroines that transforms and makes us new. 

Early in his journey Jesus invited a community of people to travel with him. This series will be more than a Sunday morning experience but will be an opportunity for all of us to be in community through small groups.

Everyone will have an opportunity to trace, retrace and re-create on paper and in our minds and hearts our own heroic journey from birth to present day. We will be able to have questions and guidance to help us see all that has formed us and brought us thought the challenges and celebrate the victories.

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Heroic Journey Small Groups

We apologize that due to the storm last night we have no Internet and we are unable to live stream at this time.