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Crossroads Labyrinth

Crossroads Labyrinth

Crossroads Labyrinth
Located on the main Crossroads Campus
43454 Crossroads Drive, Ashburn VA 20147
Below the playground

Sunday Evenings at the Labyrinth:  Each Sunday between November 1 – December 20, from 5:30 – 7:30pm, Crossroads is offering a time to walk the labyrinth. Click here to Register.

Read or download our Labyrinth Guide

While the labyrinth may look like a maze to solve, its use is simultaneously more intentional and more expansive. When walking a labyrinth, you are moving your body purposefully and mindfully as a prayer.

As you follow the path to the labyrinth’s center and then return back to the entrance, the labyrinth’s intricate circuits activate and balance both the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

While in the labyrinth, you are invited to be in conscious conversation with God - to ask questions, receive guidance, and feel the profound peace that comes with setting intentional time to align with the divine presence that is simultaneously within you and all around you.

In these ways and more, the labyrinth is an ideal spiritual practice to try out or return to throughout any season, as it powerfully invites us to rise up in our bodies, our minds, and our souls all at the same time.

To walk the labyrinth is to experience prayer through the body as well as the mind and heart.

There is no right or wrong way to experience the labyrinth’s many blessings and gifts. Each walk is different, special, and unique.

You are invited to follow the path that is laid out by the labyrinth, but if you are guided along a different journey during your time with the labyrinth, that is perfectly ok. Remember the subtle, simple spiritual wisdom that the labyrinth shares with us: “The way in is the way out”.

During the current COVID Pandemic, please follow these Health Guidelines: We respect the health of all. Thank you for being mindful of others. Crossroads requests that those walking the Labyrinth wear a mask or face covering when others are present on the property. The Labyrinth is for the use of one person at a time, with the exception of those who share the same household.

Our labyrinth was created by Jack Lawrence as his Eagle Scout Project. Many thanks to Jack and the Scouts for the gift to the Crossroads Community.





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