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Message Series and Small Groups - Love Wins

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Love Wins
A New Message Series Beginning January 6, 2019

More than just cliche it is true, Love Wins. In a world that is seemingly filled with negativity there's an underlying reality of love that conquers all things.

You won't want to miss this timely series. It's what the world needs most now.

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Love Wins Series:  January 3 – February 10

Week One – January 6

It All Begins with Questions.  Questions not simple, black and white answers are how we come to understand the love of God.  Questions are the currency of faith.    

Week Two – January 13

To Love is to Find Heaven on Earth. Jesus’ primary role was to bring the Kindom of Heaven to Earth. 

Week Three – January 20

To Not Love is to Find Hell on Earth. When Jesus refers to hell it is usually reference to the trash heap called Gehenna outside the city gates and not a place of eternal damnation and separation. 

Week Four – January 27

Love is Ours to Choose, or Not.  Love is always one of our choices and the choice we make changes us and the world.

Week Five – February 3

Love is Worldwide. Jesus came for the sake of loving the whole world with unconditional love, not just loving a single group of people.

Week Six – February 10 (Sunday before Valentine’s Day)

In the End…  In the end all we have is Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest is love. In the end that is all we need.

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To compliment the series we will be forming small groups that will use Rob Bell's book - Love Wins. You can purchase the book here. Or purchase it Sunday mornings at Crossroads.

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Small Groups - Love Wins

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