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Saturday Storytelling - Nurture Guides - Supporting and Caring for Our Community

Saturday Storytelling - Nurture Guides - Supporting and Caring for Our Community

As the Director of Adult and Family Ministries, it is an honor to support and guide Nurture Ministries with the twelve compassionate, empathetic, caring, servant leaders we call nurture guides. ~ Tammie

Here are their stories:

I feel good sending cards to people. In the process of searching for a scripture to write in the card to encourage others, it encourages me and keeps me centered. I also love serving at memorial services. ~ Donnie

I'm very grateful for the Nurture Guides. I've been on the giving and receiving side, and both are a blessing! While going through cancer treatments, I received much appreciated prayer support - in person, at the Cross after services, on the phone, and in writing through our card ministry. I've been able to console those who have lost loved ones, and rejoiced with those who've returned from illness to health. I've served food to grieving families at funeral receptions. I've prayed over the written prayer request turned in on the back of the Connection cards. What I also love about Nurture Guides is the many and varied service opportunities. Each of us serves as we are called. There is a place for every kind of service within the Crossroads community. ~ Deborah

I would say that when Marie and I usually come together once a week to pray over a portion of the prayer cards, sometimes it is a challenge for me to gather the right words for each request, but whether my words stumble or flow eloquently, God is there as we meet and hears not only my spoken words but the sincere feelings from my heart. What a blessing and privilege it is to participate in this practice of praying for others. (And, I know Marie feels the same.) (This also applies to e-mail prayer requests as I sit at my computer and respond to each silently from home.) ~ Betty

I love my time of praying over the prayer requests with Betty. I recently felt called to pray with people after the service at the Cross. My first time, I had two people come to me for prayer, I was blessed by the experience and look forward to the next time. ~ Marie

To me, Nurture Guides is the ultimate small group. Our numbers have grown and contracted over the years, but only because of the changing life circumstances of our members. Together we support each other in prayer and service, extending that care and nurture to the congregation through Prayer at the Cross, Anointing, Serving at Memorial Services, praying over Connection Cards and regular gatherings. We coordinate and support the congregation with home and hospital visitations, prayer and support gatherings and the sending of cards of encouragement. We do a lot of praying. We pray for each other, for our families, for those who ask for prayer and those whose need for prayer is brought to us.

As a personal testimony: The members of Nurture Guides walked with me throughout my husband, Dominick's battle with ALS. And, now, they walk with me through the grieving process. They have been there with their presence, their prayers, their help. After reading the reports of dozens of newly widowed whose family and friends have judged and abandoned them, I can only thank God for these steadfast women and men who truly nurture and sustain my spirit. ~Linda

Here is are two upcoming events that the Nurture Guides are leading.

Support for Handling Loss During the Holidays
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ Crossroads
7:30-9:00 pm

Join us for a time to support one another as we face the holiday season following the loss of a loved one. We will share some practical tips for handling grief during this difficult time period.
Blue Christmas
Wednesday, December 20, 2017 @ Crossroads
7:30 pm

A time for reflection and healing during the holiday season that is anything but merry for many in our community.
For more information, contact Tammie Bond.


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