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Saturday Storytelling - Stephanie's Story

Saturday Storytelling - Stephanie's Story

Stephanie's Small Group Story

Recalibrate the Compass
By: Stephanie Weeks

I think small groups provide a vital way to grow. Consistently meeting with others with the intent of learning and growing together in knowledge and faith gives perspective and accountability in our commitment to being followers of the way of Jesus. It also provides constant encouragement as we travel our lives fraught with distraction and distress. We tangibly see others relying on God in a multitude of situations and realize that we can do the same.

Through the Women's Bible Study and another small group I meet with for encouragement and prayer, I have been challenged to grow and even reminded of some wisdom I had forgotten over the years. When all of the 'extras' of life had me bogged down and unfocused, the groups I am in and our readings and conversations re-centered me. When I got back to the better habits like dedicated prayer time and journaling, I started to see evidence of changes in my heart toward others.

I have even been presented with novel opportunities to share my faith with others who were seeking that I probably would not have been open to when I was walking through life distracted. This is just my experience of late and certainly others have their own stories.

The beauty of small groups is that they are small and agile enough to grow with you from wherever you are. Life is ever-shifting and providing new dissonance and dilemmas that will likely sidetrack me. By being in intimate community with others who are committed to the same goal, I feel it provides that constant reminder and invitation to recalibrate my compass to True North.


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