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Saturday Storytelling - Small Groups and the Joy They Can Bring to Your Life

Saturday Storytelling - Small Groups and the Joy They Can Bring to Your Life

By Cindy Venne

 When my family and I moved back to this area 17 years ago, the first thing we did was find a church. I mean literally that was the first thing we did, the moving van was still traveling up I-95 from Savannah, GA and we were living in the Towne Place Suites in Sterling. We had arrived on December 18, 1999 and attended Ashburn UMC the very next morning. Obviously, as you can tell we are still here at Crossroads UMC. Our children are grown now, one still living here in Loudoun County and one has returned to Savannah, GA. Why am I telling you this story; well...

Immediately, upon moving into our house in the Village, I had both of the children involved in the church's youth group which in turn led me to meeting the moms of my children's friends. These women already had a bible study group at that time which they invited me to join right away. As the case always seems to be in the hustle and bustle of the Northern Virginia area life got in the way. I was offered a full time teaching job, went back to school to get my Masters in School Administration, my husband too was "kindly" offered by the government to get his second Master's degree to help further his career. Bible Study became a thing of the past.

I was lucky to sit at softball fields and lacrosse fields and see some of my children's game in between yellow highlighters for reading textbooks to red pens for marking papers.
Then on January 12, 2006 life as we knew it in the Venne household came to a stop. My husband and I had our new degrees; our son was in his junior year of college, our daughter was a junior in high school. I was happily walking my classroom of 4th graders when all of sudden I wasn't. I had had a neurological episode. I had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Remember the Bible Study group I couldn't seem to fit into my schedule, well they sure fit me into theirs. Upon being released from the hospital they helped with food, always; being at the house taking me to doctor appointments and PT. When I needed it the most they were there to carry my family and me through. I was permanently retired out on disability and now live for my days that I spend with my Bible Study moms. The faces have changed over the years, as some have moved away and new ladies have joined the group, but the love, concern and willingness to drop everything to help one another remains just as strong.
I look forward to the followHim group that I and my husband are going to be in with 3 other Bible Study ladies and their husbands.

For where two or three gather together as my followers,

I am there among them.
Matthew 18:20 (NLT)

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