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Saturday Storytelling - My Crossroads Experience

Saturday Storytelling - My Crossroads Experience

By Leah Luedtke

When going through a faith transition, the uncertainty and fearfulness can be overwhelming. We are deeply grateful that we found a safe place within the Crossroads community- it has actually been an amazingly positive experience.

For us, Crossroads offers a holistic and thoughtful way of worship. It is uplifting and spiritual yet well grounded. When we first started attending services, the timing could not have been more perfect. Last year's series "Making Sense of the Bible," inspired by Adam Hamilton's book of the same name, was pivotal.

After over a year of religious study and research, I felt at ease that Crossroads was a place where my family and I could worship without compromising either spirituality or scientific/historical inquiry. I found a place where both worship and reason could coexist. This was huge, because I didn't want to relinquish my identity as a Christian despite leaving our previous denomination. I personally find that religious ritual and spiritual practice are part of a balanced life.

Our family has participated in several of Crossroads' ministries including Sunday morning worship, Crossroads Kids, VBS, small groups, and various family events. The small groups have been especially valuable as they encourage open and honest discussion. There were many "aha" moments for me in this setting.

Similarly, the spiritual practices found in the daily reflections and the mid-day text messages have helped me grow as an individual. The simple reminder to love and forgive one-self and others is a powerful and central part of Jesus' teaching. The cycle of God's wisdom in disorientation to new orientation to orientation has also resonated with me.

The lessons I have learned here are not complex, but rather profound and lead toward behaviors and attitudes that follow the path of Jesus' intrinsic message. In this way, Crossroads has become our family's new spiritual home.

Crossroads has been a wonderful part of our lives here in Northern Virginia. As a military family that moves frequently, I wish we would never have to say goodbye. We are about to embark on a new journey overseas, and I am heartbroken to leave this inspiring and hope filled community. I'm glad we can still connect to Crossroads through the live stream worship!

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