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Crossroads Native Plant Garden

Crossroads Native Plant Garden

Audubon At Home Grant

We announced last year that Crossroads was awarded a grant from the Audubon at Home Plants for Birds Burke Grant program! Crossroads was one of six faith communities in Northern Virginia that were awarded $1,250 for native plants to create demonstration garden. The goal of the Burke Grant program is to support network Plants for Birds activities that will increase visibility, reach and impact of Audubon's Plants for Birds programming across the country. With this grant, Crossroads converted the existing beds in front of Entrance 1 into native plant beds. These native plant gardens will be used to educate everyone who visits Crossroads on the importance of native plant gardens throughout our communities. Jesus taught us to be good stewards of the whole Earth and Crossroads is committed to showing the way!

 If you have any questions, please contact Kathy MacKrell. Learn more about the Burke Grant program or Virginia native plants. You may also be interested in reading the United Methodists Principles on the natural world.


Below are the weekly flyers on Native Plants at Crossroads:

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 1 Plant #24 - Golden Alexander

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 2 Plant #32 - Stonecrop

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 3 Plant #23 - Columbine

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 4 Plant #22 - Foamflower

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 5 Plant #9 - Beardtongue

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 6 Plant #16 - Butterfly Milkweed

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 7 Plant #5 - Culvers Root

Crossroads Native Plants - Week 8 Plant #13 - Bee Balm

We apologize that due to Internet loss we are unable to live stream at this time.