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SPARK Microloan

SPARK Microloan

We offer unsecured low-cost personal microloans of up to $2,000 to help individuals make personal change or economic progress possible to those who may have a more difficult time accessing loans or affording the high interest rates charged by non-bank lenders.  The loans are intended to help be a “leg up” to improve a life situation or start or grow a small business.  Peer advocates assigned to help with the simple application process will help to replace what is required by traditional lenders. 

Some examples of life-changing microloans could include: 

  • lending money for equipment or initial start-up costs for a small business
  • lending money to purchase a computer to work or take coursework from home
  • lending money for the security deposit for an apartment which may lead to secure housing
  • lending money to start an educational training program

Click here to view the SPARK Microloan brochure. 

Click here to view SPARK Microloan brochure (Spanish version).

To complete a SPARK Microloan Application, please click here. Fill in the form and print the completed form. Follow the directions for sending the completed application.

To start the application process, please contact Kathy Mackrell at kmackrell@crossroadsnova.org or call 703-729-5100.



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