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Spiritual Practices: Breath Prayer

Spiritual Practices: Breath Prayer

This spiritual practice is a way to awaken yourself to God’s presence during any moment of your day. Breath and Spirit are one in the same in the Bible.  God is as close as your breath.  By connecting to your breath you awaken yourself to this intimate closeness of God.  

Scientifically it is proven that by slowly and mindfully inhaling and exhaling you slow down your pulse, and it helps to oxygenate your mind and heart. When the pace of your daily life begins to create anxiety or tension, the practice of breath prayers can help you experience more peace. When you have a decision to make it is a way to stop and be clearer in your mind and heart. It is a way to let go and engage with Christ during the many moments of your day.

Here are some sample breath prayers you can use.  Do any one of these as many times as you need to calm yourself and center yourself in God’s presence. You can also create your own.

Inhale slowly and deeply:  Forever I am   Exhale slowly: loved by God.

Inhale slowly and deeply:  Wherever I am   Exhale slowly: there is God.

Inhale slowly and deeply:  Whomever I am with   Exhale slowly: I am their neighbor.

Inhale slowly and deeply:  There is nothing   Exhale slowly: that can separate me from God’s love.

Inhale slowly and deeply:  Be still and know   Exhale slowly: that I am God. 

You can listen to a guided version of this practice here.



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