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Spiritual Practices: Gratitude

Spiritual Practices: Gratitude

Almost everyone agrees that gratitude is a foundational and necessary spiritual practice. Gratitude has the power to change our thinking and the way we see God, others and life itself. 

There are lots of ways to practice gratitude. A very simple and effective way is to take literally one minute to write down all the things for which you are grateful.  Don’t stop writing for one minute; whatever gratitude comes to your mind write it down. If after 30 seconds you are done thinking of things, repeat things already written.  In time you will not be able to get all your gratitude down in one minute.

As you stay with this practice try not to write the same general things like: family, faith, friends, food and finances, etc.  Those are certainly  things for which we all need to be thankful.  But if that is all you think about you will quickly find yourself being redundant day after day. Think more specifically about your family, food, faith, and provisions. 

What are you most thankful for about your spouse, children or parents. What about your faith that makes you truly grateful?  This more specific way of expressing your gratitude will take you to a deeper appreciation for God and life itself. Over time it will change a lot of your negative view points into more positive ways of seeing and being with God and others.  Your thankful heart will even lead you to seeing God in others. That’s truly transformational.




Today's Blessing of the Pets has been postponed due to the weather forecast. The new date is Sunday, October 2nd!