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Spiritual Practices: Money

Spiritual Practices: Money

Jesus invites you to a joy-filled and abundant life that is guided by  what you treasure in your heart.  He said that "where we find our treasure, we will also find our hearts."  It is good to reflect and know what role money plays in our everyday lives.  Money has the power to heal and the power to hurt. And yet money should never control us, we should be in control of our money.  One way to do that is by naming what it is we treasure the most in life.  The simple and yet  difficult act of giving our money to what we treasure helps us declare what is most important. 

The temptations to spend our hard earned money come every day through the media.  The following questions can help you practice the spending or giving of your money to what you truly treasure.

These questions are not to be used legalistically – causing guilt or shame - but as a guideline to simplify your life and help you take control of the money you have been given, and therein find your heart – deepest joy - in what you treasure.

  • When making a purchase ask, do I really need this?
  • Will this purchase bring me lasting joy (not merely temporary happiness)?
  • When it comes to spending or giving my money what gives me greatest joy?
  • Can I trust that, when I give to what I treasure, that there will always be enough?
  • How do I react to the words “In God We Trust” printed on all our money?



Today's Blessing of the Pets has been postponed due to the weather forecast. The new date is Sunday, October 2nd!