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Sugarloaf Mountain Hike

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Sugarloaf Mountain Hike

Saturday March 16
9am - 2pm
@ Sugarloaf Mountain (Urbana, MD)

Sugarloaf Mountain to White Rocks and back is a pretty good distance, probably around 9 plus miles. We would start the hike in the parking lot on the mountain by where the orange and white trails intersect. We would take the trails out to White Rocks and back then up Sugarloaf and back down to the parking lot.

This is an intermediate hike just because of distance. It's challenging. The parking lot is at about 800 feet elevation. The summit of Sugarloaf is 1282 and White Rocks is about 1000 feet. You should have experience hiking at similar altitudes and on intermediate trails.

Dress in layers and bring plenty of water. Good measure of how much water would be 1/2 liter for each hour out. This is a good 4 1/2 to 5 hour hike, so like 3 liters on this one at least. Pack a lunch. We will eat it on White Rocks.

Hiking poles are not necessary but help. Some of the views are breath taking. It makes this hike worth the work.

It is also nice that Sugarloaf is so close (hour and change away). You can get the maps here: http://www.sugarloafmd.com/images/maps/102709_trailmap.pdf.

Sugarloaf's site: http://www.sugarloafmd.com/sl_trails.html.

We will shoot to get at the trail head about 9 or 9:30. It's a long hike so like to start early if possible.

We can meet at the church for those that wish to car pool. Let's meet there at 7:30 AM

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