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Worship Series: Our Heroic Journey

I don't always think of myself as a hero. Mostly because when I think of heroes or heroines I think about Marvel comic book and movie heroes and heroines. You know the kind that have super powers and who end up saving the world from evil and destruction.

I won't ever be given a magic cape, or a super powered sword, and I will certainly never fly through the air, let alone time zones to rush in and save the world. Isla Grace taught me this, watch this and see. But does that disqualify me from being a hero? I don't think so.

You and I are heroes and heroines simply and powerfully because all of life is a heroic journey. Even without capes and super powers we are changing the world every time we hear the call to leave the ordinary, the way things are, to venture into the great unknowns and face the challenges and survive the struggles so we can be born again, resurrected from the death to old ways so we can return back home transformed by God's grace that met us in the struggles, pain and suffering of life. And this is what you and I have in common with every Marvel Comic book, Stephen Spielberg adventure movies, and even the stories of heroes and heroines in the Bible.

Jesus is our model for our seven week series we are calling "Our Story a Heroic Journey." This week we are going to look at the first four times Jesus and his family were called to depart the ordinary and face the challenges that transformed him. But more than just looking at those times in Jesus' life, more importantly, we will see how our own life stories line up with his. In that we will find the kind of hope and confidence assuring us that we will rise up as new persons.

Instead of me looking at Marvel and the entertainment world to see if I am a hero or not, I look to Jesus and he says, come and follow me and I will reveal to you the hero you are.

I hope to see you this Sunday as we talk about how all of us are heroes and heroines on our heroic journeys.

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