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TREK Affirmations

TREK Affirmations



  • God is unconditional, unfailing and ever-present love and presence within me
  • God is uniquely and exquisitely revealed in my life story and partners with me to change the world
  • God is present as the Spirit closer than my breath to offer guidance every moment of every day
  • God is trustworthy as seen in the compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom of Jesus


  • God never causes suffering, pain, harm or death yet meets us with hope in our sacred story
  • God consoles us in our pain, sufferings, and challenge and offers us the unwavering hope of transformation
  • God strengthen us and is revealed in the patterns of disorientation and new orientation
  • God is revealed as resilience in the formation of endurance, character, and wisdom


  • God is known and revealed in the body, mind, soul, and spirit of all humanity
  • God is known and revealed in nature, science, technology, the arts, and human creativity
  • God is known and revealed by engaging spiritual practices to awaken us to moment by moment presence and wisdom
  • God is revealed in our imagination to transform the world by loving on person, family, and community at a time


  • God is revealed in the Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, and Wisdom of Jesus
  • God is revealed in all the Wisdom traditions
  • God is experienced in body, mind, soul, and spirit to provide loving consolation and guidance
  • God is revealed as the Serving One and especially on the margins of power, pride, and prestige




  • Jesus is God’s unconditional love with skin on offering an unlimited welcome and unwavering hope to all.
  • Jesus reveals that unlimited welcome is experienced as we love God and neighbor as we love ourselves.
  • Jesus taught that the Great Commandment is how we understand all the scriptures.
  • Jesus reveals that God’s love is within all people and that makes everyone a beloved child of God.


  • Jesus reveals that transformation happens as we live through the cycle of orientation, disorientation, and new orientation, also known as the cycle of life, death and resurrection.
  • Jesus teaches that most of our suffering comes by thinking that we are right and others are wrong.
  • Jesus reveals that forgiveness is the pathway to restoring broken relationships and finding wholeness for ourselves.
  • Jesus teaches us that we are “born again” through our acts of compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom, to ourselves and others.


  • Jesus reveals that by engaging in gratitude, humility, and loving relationships we are on the pathway to wholeness in life. 
  • Jesus reveals that the gifts of our time, money and energy are the most powerful ways for us to become the incarnation of God’s love for our neighbors, our enemies, and ourselves.
  • Jesus teaches that when we engage with the stranger, the hungry, the imprisoned, and the marginalized with an unlimited welcome of love, we are breaking down walls.
  • Jesus teaches us that when we become like a child our hearts are softened and we begin to see God in everyone and everywhere.


  • Jesus teaches that our negative thinking patterns can be transformed through acts of love and service.
  • Jesus teaches that service is how we get to know who our neighbors really are for the way of God’s love is stronger than any political or institutional structure. 
  • Jesus teaches that real knowledge is the wisdom of God, and the wisdom of God has the ability to change anything from the inside out.
  • Jesus teaches that the wisdom of God is more valuable than the knowledge of the world.


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