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Who We Are

We follow the way of Jesus, who embodied God’s unconditional love, offered an unlimited welcome to all, and extended an unwavering hope for self and the world through God’s unlimited grace.


Transform the world one person, one family, and one community at a time with the compassion, forgiveness, service, and wisdom seen in Jesus.

We do this by offering all people an unlimited welcome, God’s unconditional love, and an unwavering hope for individual and global transformation.

About Us

Crossroads believes that Christianity is foremost about following Jesus, who embodied the unconditional love of God, offered an unlimited welcome to everyone, and helped people to live with an unwavering hope of transformation. 

Unlimited Welcome

We welcome and affirm all persons and celebrate diversity within race, physical abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs. Everyone is a sacred member of God's family.


Crossroads is a part of the Reconciling Ministries Network. The Reconciling Ministries Network is an organization seeking the inclusion of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in both the policy and practices of the United Methodist Church.


The Foundation to our Vision  

Identity - We follow Jesus and offer an unlimited welcome for all people. We believe that every person has sacred worth. We believe that we are to practice compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom in our daily lives. We believe we are the hands of God’s love in the world.

Story - Story is the currency of relationships. Every person has a story and every story connects to a larger story. As followers of Jesus we believe that the biblical story is in many ways a mirror of our own individual and collective stories. We believe that every story is sacred. We believe that one of the ways to peace is by listening to other people’s stories so that we can have a clearer understanding as to why a person is who they are. Stories lead to greater compassion, forgiveness and service.

Spiritual Practices – Spiritual Practices are how we cultivate a deeper connection to God, others and self, just as Jesus did. Spiritual Practices change us from the inside out. By joining spiritual practices with acts of service (which is a spiritual practice itself) we are most effective in bringing change to ourselves, our homes, our communities and ultimately the world.


Community/Gatherings – According to the Gospels, Jesus lived his entire adult life in community. Community helps us to feel loved and accepted by others. It gives us the opportunity to engage intellectually and emotionally with others. It challenges some of our deep held beliefs and like iron sharpening iron provides an opportunity for us to sharpen our minds and souls. These four values which lead us inward, together and outward are what support our vision to transform the world one person, family and community at a time. They run through everything we are and do. They are what make the vision sustainable and repeatable. They are how we change the world.


THE OUTCOME - The world is transformed as we follow the way of Jesus which leads to becoming people of compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom.


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