Defying Gravity
Message Series October 1-22, 2023

The gravitational pull on our lives effects everything that we do. Isaac Newton figured that out a long time ago. Our stuff and our need for stuff also pulls us down. During this series we will look for ways to break the gravitational pull so that we can be more generous.

10/1 Discovering Gravity – Matthew 19:16-26
There is a gravitational pull that keeps us from being generous with our resources.

10/8 Breaking Free –  Luke 15:11-32
Breaking free from financial gravity requires us to understand God’s generosity for us. When we understand God’s generosity, we become much more generous people.

10/15 Flight Plan –  Luke 12:16-21
If you want to be a more generous person, it doesn’t happen by chance. You must have a plan.

10/22 Launch Pad – Matthew 6:19-21
Your generosity is a launch pad for ministry that changes the world.

You are invited to complete a 2024 Estimate of Giving Card which supports the missions and ministries of Crossroads. Hard copies of the card will also be available during worship. You are invited to turn these in on Sunday, October 22nd.